new photos

Here are a few more great photos using items I made for Beyond Ordinary Photography.  Sarah does such an awesome job!

custom toddler girl hat with cable brim
It's my hope/plan to be able to offer custom-made items for others besides Sarah. But that will require having a good supply of yarns on hand. And I'm not quite ready to invest a lot more into this venture until I start selling (and thereby have more money to put back into my business).

jester hat (again)

baby pod (again)

baby bomber hat (version 2.0) in brown
I'm not-so-patiently waiting for Sarah to test out {and photograph} some of the other items I've made. She's been so sweet in helping me with determining if my items are sized correctly and if anything needs to be changed to look or fit better. For example, the baby bomber hats here are slightly different in shape/size from the original, but they fit and {I think} look better now.

baby bomber hat (version 2.0) in gray
Since most of the items I've made lately are also for newborns, I must wait till Sarah's next newborn shoot which is scheduled for sometime after the babe arrives. [I'm selfishly hoping the mom-to-be has her wee one a bit early so we can get those photos taken!] In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with homeschooling my two boys, figuring out the details behind what it's going to take for me to sell on Etsy, and {of course!} lots of knitting and crocheting.


photo props

Here are a few more photos by Beyond Ordinary Photography using knitted items I've made for Sarah.  Quite a few of the items I plan to make and sell are photo props like these.

Jester hat.
baby pod

baby pod
Although I do plan to sell my items primarily on Etsy, I've been thinking about what options I might have for selling to people who live in the same area as I do.  (Thus allowing them to avoid paying a shipping fee.)  Leave me a comment if you've any suggestions or ideas on how I could do that.  Thanks!