a new month

Is it really February already?  I can hardly believe it.  January was such a busy month and I'm still not ready to start selling on Etsy.  Ah well.  The shipping supplies I ordered should be here any day.  And my hubby, with some brand new software on his work laptop should be designing--and then printing--a few business cards for me soon too.

I'm currently working on another test-knit.  It's a two-color hat based on the long tail pixie/elf style, but with a different color pattern than stripes.  It's been fun trying to find a new stitch to use that looks good in the yarns I have.  I don't have any photos yet, but will post some later if it turns out!

I finally got my bomber hat to properly fit up to a 6 month old!  This means that I believe I have "perfected" this design to fit both 0-3 months and 3-6 months.  I suppose I really should make another of each size to be certain I can actually make more that will fit properly!  Ha!

Sarah, from Beyond Ordinary Photography, is expecting to deliver her own baby sometime in the next week or two.  Needless to say, I'm super-excited for her--but not nearly as much as she probably is!  The soon-to-be-born babe will get to model many of my new items in the weeks to come.

Now it's time for me to get some homeschool work done with the kids {and maybe even sneak in a little knitting time too}!

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