mystery knit along--shawlette complete!

I've been taking [some] photos of my shawl's progress, but haven't been online enough to post updates. 

Part 2 is done!
I seem to be missing photos--did I forget to take them or are they on our other camera?  I did complete Part 3.  And I was sure I had taken photos too!  But since they weren't on my camera, here's a photo from my Memorial Day weekend trip--a late anniversary getaway for my hubby and me.
Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior

Part four completed! Only a little bit to go!



Drum roll, please!!!!!

Blocked and beautiful!
Lovely lace!

At 54" wide, it's difficult to get a decent photo of the whole shawl. I'll have to wear it someday and get a photo of it so you can see how it looks when worn too.  It's truly a gorgeous piece and I've totally fallen in love with lace shawl knitting.  It's my dream to someday be skilled enough that I might be able to design items like this myself. 

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  1. Very pretty.

    So I have a technical question for you...how do you block something that large? Where do you find a space big enough to spread it out, where you can leave it pinned until it dries? Or is there some other magical method of blocking that I'm not familiar with that allows you to block it instantly in small sections? Blocking is one of the things that keeps me from certain projects and fibers.