mystery knit along {continued)

Well, I finished Part One of the Summer Mystery Shawl on Sunday.  I *thought* I had it finished on Saturday, but then I realized I hadn't done the last purl row of Part One. 

You can see what it looked like after I completed Part One of the pattern.  I'm so glad I chose to use my size 6 needles after all--I think it's going to be just perfect as long as I don't run out of yarn!  I really love the varied blues in this yarn too.  So pretty!  And if you're wondering what all those little purple and green thingies are--they're stitch markers to help me keep track of the pattern repeats as I knit.  I'd be utterly lost without them!

Part Two (aka the second chart) was posted to Wendy Knits Sunday and I got right to work after taking a few photos of my progress.  I made it through 8 of the 12 rows Sunday!  Doesn't seem like that's much to be excited about?  Well, consider that each row has over 200 stitches and maybe you'll see why I'm happy I got that much knitting completed.  Sadly, I haven't had any time to work on it since Sunday but I hope to get Part Two done before Wendy posts the next chart on Thursday (aaack!  that's tomorrow!).

I'd best get knitting!

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  1. Looking good. I can't wait to see the finished project :)