ravellenic games 2012: final events

The Summer Olympics are officially done.  A final congrats to all the Olympic athletes who did their very best!  Whether they brought home a medal or not, they are all winners in my mind.  Super job!

We watched the Closing Ceremony live online {this afternoon here in the Midwest}, so we would be able to all go to bed at a more normal time.  Tomorrow is a big day for the kids and I, so we definitely need a good night's rest!  Do you know I homeschool my kiddos?  Is that crazy?  Sometimes I think so!  It's most definitely a lot of work, but I know in the end it's worth it! 

Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten for my youngest, Caleb.  The first day of Seventh Grade for my eldest, Thomas.  And of course, the first day of teaching for me. Yikes!  But I'm ready--at least I think I am! 

I decided to go ahead and make a couple more of my crochet baby hats for the Ravellenic Games.  The photos are again not very good quality (especially the coloring) since I took these with the iPad with poor lighting, but you can sort of see what they look like:

I did not quite finish the lace scarf, but I have a great start on it and should be able to get it done this week if I have time to work on it. Here it is at the end of the Games:

Here are my "medals" from Ravelry:

Earned for finishing my Swift Sak
Earned for making my Sweet Little Shrug
Earned 3 times for making my crochet baby hats:  onetwothree
Also earned 3 times for making my crochet baby hats:  onetwothree

That's a total of 8 medals!  Hip hip hooray! I feel like I've accomplished something in the past couple weeks!

As you might have noticed, some items can be entered into more than one category!  Thus, my hats each gave me two medals.  <insert cheesy grin>

If you are a knitter or crocheter and aren't on Ravelry yet, I highly recommend you do so!  It's a fabulous site:  lots of great patterns to browse, people to "meet", and I especially love that I can post photos and info from the projects I make.  It helps me keep track of what I've done and when, and what yarns and needles I used too!  So helpful!

And now, I must get myself to bed.  I need a good night's rest so I can be a happy teacher tomorrow.
Good night and thanks for stopping by!

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