designing in crochet

Designing is fun--I love the creative process!--but it's really hard to make something new and original.  For example, I recently designed a newborn hat in crochet using super-bulky yarn.  It's a very girlie skullcap or beanie.  I even made a big crocheted flower for it.  I like the feel and look of the crochet stitch I chose to use.  It should look great in photos.  But I know that there are other, very similar hats available on Etsy.  So I ask myself questions like "What can I do to be original?" or "How can my designs be unique?"

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to answer those questions...at least not yet.

To help me in my designing endeavors, I purchased a crochet stitch dictionary this past weekend.  It has 200 stitches to choose from so I'm hoping for some inspiration. 


Next on my wish list is a similar book for knitting.  (I do have The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Knit which is not a book, but rather cards with the stitch patterns, but 101 stitches aren't enough for me to choose from!)

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