Here are a few photos I took of the newborn hats I've been working on.

Crochet cap with flower      Yarn: Organic Cotton/Wool blend

Crochet cap with Flower                 Yarn: Acrylic/Wool blend

Pom-top Hat                                    Yarn:  Acrylic/Wool blend

The two crochet hats are sort of a skullcap style newborn hat.  The large flower is really the focal point (besides whatever adorable baby gets to model it).  The off-white one is actually the one I made as I designed the hat--a prototype of sorts I guess!  The orange pom-top hat was just a quick knit for testing size and seeing what options I have for finishing a hat.  Other ideas I have (instead of the pom-pom) are an umbilical knot on top or a tassel at the end of a little tail.


  1. Oh my, I need one...someday...hopefully!!!!!

  2. I think the sample pictures that you take of your stuff would stand out more if taken on a solid colored background with less texture. I think a dark color would set them off nicely. Seems to me the blanket in the background makes the picture a tad busy. But that's just my opinion, other people might disagree. Just a thought.