baby steps

My yarn orders were all here by Friday.  {happy day!}
I really feel like I'm taking baby steps with this business stuff.  But one step at a time and we'll get there, right?

My bank account is set up and I'm Paypal verified.  This means that if and when I make money, I can transfer it from Paypal directly to my new checking.  There was a slight hitch with my new checks--the 50 free checks came today with my name misspelled!  Ugh!  So, now I must wait a bit longer before I'll have printed checks that I can use.  Not a big deal, but annoying. 

I'm still busy knitting stuff--this weekend I was busy making hats for Sarah.  Now I'm trying to make time to make a few more items to sell on Etsy too.  It's taking me longer than I originally anticipated to get some of the styles and sizes just right.  I still hope to be open for business sometime in January, but as the days tick past and I'm still not ready, I wonder if I should just say "opening soon" and hope my "soon" is sooner than later!

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