items listed!

It's just a start, but I do have a few items listed on Etsy!  I'm so excited!

Keep watching as a variety of new items will be added soon!  I'm trying to keep myself from watching Etsy, knowing that these things {selling items}take time.  So I've got a bunch of projects queued up on my to-do list and am going to keep making more items so I'll have even more to sell soon!

Keep on the lookout for a giveaway coming to my FB page &/or this blog real soon!  I'm still working out the details but I'm thinking it may have an Easter theme. {smile}

Now for some new photos!!!!  Sarah took some really cute ones of her little Teddy this week!  I just love seeing more of my hand-knit items on a real baby!  Too cute!

Teddy Hat--designed by perfectioKnits especially for Theodore!

Jester hat, Lemongrass (green)
Elf hat, brown and light blue stripes
Newborn lace wrap

In case you are wondering:

Yes, I do create SOME of my own designs.  Teddy's hat is a perfectioKnits original.  It's also a OOAK (one of a kind).  So no, I won't be making more--at least not at this time.  

Some of my designs, like Teddy's hat, are more or less straight from my brain.  True, the bear hat idea isn't at all new, but I feel that my interpretation of it was fresh and original.

Some of my designs are based on items I've seen or ideas that someone gives me (usually because they saw an item and want to know if I can make it too).  I prefer NOT to try and copy other people's ideas and work and strive to either improve or change the design to make it my own if possible.

And some of my items are made with the help of purchased or free patterns which have given knitters like myself selling rights. I really appreciate designers who allow this as many (actually most) patterns have "all rights reserved" which means it's technically not legal for a knitter to make and sell the item without getting permission from the pattern designer first.  I won't bore you with the details of copyright laws and how it pertains to knitting, but if you really find yourself interested in this topic there's a really good {but also rather long} article about it here.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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