learning to use Etsy

I'm still learning how to use Etsy and all its features for sellers.

For example, they have options like Renew and Copy for re-listing items.  I didn't know what the difference was.  Until I finally took time to look it up this weekend.  Turns out I had used the Renew option incorrectly for at least one of my listings.  I wanted to sell another bunny hat in the same size, but it was a different color.  I now know that I should have used the Copy option instead to list a similar, but different, item.  So for those of you who may have put a brown baby bunny hat in your favorites and find that now it's suddenly white, that would explain why.  I inadvertently changed it when I re-listed with new photos.  Thankfully, I know the difference now and won't make the same mistake!

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