new design: spring cowl

I have a question for you.  Well, it's mostly for the folks at my church who saw me yesterday, but I'll take input from anyone reading this post!  Did you notice the cowl I was wearing?  It's one I designed myself this past week.  I'm looking for some feedback on the design/style. 

For those of you who weren't blessed to see me yesterday, here's a peek at it:

cowl is shaped so bottom is wider than top
lace texture close-up
the drape of the cowl
I know it's not super-easy to visualize it on a person since I'm not wearing it in the photo, but I'm still in my jammies this morning and want to get this post done.  <smile>

It's made with bright white chunky-weight yarn.  I used a lacy and lightweight texture and shaped it so the top is narrower than the bottom.  It might be a tad too warm for summer (unless you live in Northern Minnesota like me!), so I'd say the style could be a 3-season cowl. 

So...what say you?
Do you like it?
Would you wear it?
Would you buy one?
Would you give it as a gift to a loved one?

You can leave your feedback here or on my Facebook page!

I look forward to seeing what everyone says!

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