new design: {unnamed} mitts

Here they are at long last!  These are the mitts I made just over a week ago.  With the busy Easter holiday, I didn't have a chance to photograph them until today.

Although I would be the first to tell you I hate having my picture taken, I decided the best way to "show off" these beauties is to wear them--and show them being worn.  So, I imagined myself as a knitwear model and had my eldest son once again pretend to be a photographer.  Thankfully, he likes to take photos--especially when it means he gets to use his daddy's fancy camera.  {I like using his daddy's camera too!} I know these aren't the greatest photos, but for now, they'll do.

All dressed up with nowhere to go:
My little guy being silly during the "shoot"
Ribbed texture.  Frilled at the cuff.  Small eyelets at the knuckles.
A little more relaxed look:

Closest to actual color of mitts (at least on my monitor!)

The nice thing about this design is its versatility.  
These mitts really look great whether you wear them with a dress or your favorite jeans and t-shirt.

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  1. Nice pics, Steph!

    Maybe you should call them "Summer Skies" fingerless mitts. The color reminds me of a cloudless sky, and the ruffled edge makes me think of summer. Just a suggestion! =)

    Great job again--Love, Annie

  2. These are great! My daughter would LOVE them!