seeking inspiration

We're getting close to Easter now.  I'm guessing that not very many more orders will come in for my bunny hats, but I still have a few ready-made and for sale on Etsy. It'll be nice if they find new homes before the season is over.

Although there are quite a few other baby props I could be making--cocoons, baby bowls or pods, jester hats, pompom hats, bomber hats--not very many of them are appropriate for spring and summer.  So I've started looking for ideas and inspiration for new items I can make that are better suited for spring & summer. 

I'd like to design some new fingerless mitts for spring.  I think using different color(s), length(s), and texture(s) would not only add variety but may interest a wider range of customers too.  I also think I might like to try making some lightweight scarves, cowls, or even shawls too.  I could use some ideas for baby or child items too.

I'd love your input, suggestions, ideas, inspiration.
Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. Perhaps you could design your own take on the baby headband with flower or bow. That's the first thing that came to my mind.

  2. that's a good idea! and it's something i hadn't considered yet either. thanks!